The Table | Pop up restaurant

November 2014- June 2015

Hotel Urso, Madrid


The first instalment 


Six of Spain’s most promising restaurants visited Madrid and stayed with us for one month respectively. They took over the kitchen, converting the space into their own, and inviting us to get to know their world. The best of Galicia, Cantabria, Bilbao, Alicante, Jaén came to replicate their restaurants for a few weeks. It was the first pop up restaurant in Madrid that hosted both big names and young hopefuls. It was a diverse, collective, and innovative project. Each proposal had an opening and closing event. From one month to the next, everything transformed from the aesthetics, decoration, concept, to the menu, kitchen, and staff.

The Table is an initiative in collaboration with Alejandra Better Ansón for the Urso Hotel & Spa.


More Information:


Video: Nomerosprimos

Campaign photos: @Pablo-Gómez-Orgando @Assiah Alcazas & @Iker Basterretxea “roke”

Location photos: @Pablo-Gómez-Orgando

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