The Patio | Summer pop up drinks and goods

June- October 2013

Palacio de Santa Bábara, Madrid


The Patio was a summer pop up, a bar and shop conveniently in the same place: Palacio de Santa Bábara. A palace built in 1866, where we took over the patio with plants, and ponds, colorful rugs, all with a tropical look…to make a welcoming terrace for summer in Madrid, where one could enjoy the menu of delicious cocktails, natural juices, bagels, ice creams, salads, and much more.


We fashioned the living spaces with simple and exquisite brands, with love, original pieces, unique furniture, limited edition books, and inspiring magazines….


A project created by Better.

The Patio designed by Woz’ere

In collaboration with El Viajero and Magasand

Sponsored by Heineken.


More information:


Video: Nomerosprimos

Location photos: @Pablo-Gómez-Orgando

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