The Hovse 2013 | Pop up shop

December 2013

Calle General Arrando, Madrid


“Last year we celebrated Christmas together with the warmth of the fireplace in The Apartment, in the summer we spent great moments together in The Patio, and in December 2013 the doors of our house will open: The Hovse. This time, we settled into the heart of one of Madrid’s most cozy neighborhoods, in a beautiful three story townhome. Large spaces, long corridors, and generous rooms, a cafe, a bar, and a splendid roof where we accommodated more than eighty brands that brought: furniture, clothing, books, jewelry, bikes, gourmet, accessories and toys….”


All with the aim of creating an alternative to the fierce holiday hysteria, making the experience as it should be: peaceful, indulgent and relaxed. Buying products made by their name: in your neighborhood, your city, your people create, produce, select and distribute.



More information:


Video: Javi Gesto

Making of: Nomerosprimos

Campaign photos: @Cecilia Renard

Location photos: @Pablo-Gómez-Orgando

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