Sybilla | Pop up shop

May 2015
Calle San Lorenzo, Madrid


In 2015 Sybilla, an acclaimed designer (Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts), decided to re-launch her brand in Spain after ten years of retirement.


For this pop-up, Better worked with Woz’ere communications agency to translate the space. In the courtyard of San Lorenzo 15, we designed a pop up for the Summer 2015 collection and then presented the Winter collection 2015 in the Elba Benitez Gallery.


We celebrated the launch with a party, which featured a jazz band, Samantha of Spain catering, and a cocktail bar courtesy of Heineken.


Throughout 2015, Better and Woz’ere continued to collaborate on several more pop ups for Sybilla in Madrid, Barcelona, and Palma de Mallorca.


Video: Better

Campaign Photos: @Assiah Alcazar

Location Photos: @Pepe Botella

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