Spain Makes | Pop up shop

June- September 2013

Las Rozas Village, Madrid


Spain Makes was an ephemeral store where one could find new Spanish brands and the story behind their products.


Better presents a pop up store where one could discover these brands, along with a campaign to get to know their products. Spain Makes is a project that gathers recognized designers and Spanish brands. Creative entrepreneurs that, in the time of the crisis, committed to designing, and manufacturing products in Spain for everyone. This was a project that wanted to acknowledge the brands that are the example of creativity, of new ideas based on natural luxury and the recycled, and that make honest products with a story behind them.


Participating brands included: Ecoalf, Maguen, 11:11, Real Fábrica Española, La Costa del Algodón, Helena Rohner, Andrés Gallardo, Casalba, Alegría Industries….


More information:

Video: Nomerosprimos

Campaign photos: @Ruben Vega

Location photos: @Pablo-Gómez-Orgando

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