August | Summer House

August 2014

Sotogrande, Cádiz


“Packing bags to travel lightly. Crossing borders, understanding the world. Passing the hours without fulfillment. Planes taking off and landing like sand castles. The flavor of salt, the flavor of the ocean…shops opening. Climbing the Mediterranean vines, and napping under them. To walk barefoot. Lay, never lazy, just lay. Lighting candles and hanging lamps. Taking away rugs. Airing sheets. Eating well. Buying beauty.”


In the summer of 2014, Better moved to Sotogrande to open a summer shop with the lovely brands like the those found in The Apartment, The Patio, The Hovse, as well as new names that joined the adventure to create unique projects.


Video: Javi Gesto

Campaign photos: @Cecilia Renard e @Iciar J. Carrasco

Location photos: @Serafín Castillo

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