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February 2015



In an old French mansion, just near Gran Via, Dali painted his surrealism, and Bruñuel filmed his Tristana. Dominguín enticed Gardner, meanwhile, in this case, Hemingway, Sinatra, and Audrey Hepburn waged a war against Eisenhower. All behind the doors of Bar Cock, the capital’s oldest cocktail bar.


With nearly 100 years of celebrating life with art and artists, something had to be done to recognize this during the capital’s art month. As a result, we chose the local street of the Queen to become the Absolut Art Bar Madrid.


For nearly one month, five artists with four projects participated in transforming The Cock into a living space to think, feel, and exhale wrongdoings. The architecture was not built by Luis Úrculo, the urban bustle of 3ttman, the experimental mixture of Lolo and Sosaku, nor the pure formalism of David Bestué, but rather all fused together with the soul of one thousand nights that permeated the walls that have seen it all. The Absolut ambassador, Eloy Martínez de la Pera, who brought the Art Collection to the capital four years ago, commissioned the project.


Every evening, the ABSOLUT ART BAR transformed into the best cocktail hour and after dinner spot. And wrapping it all was the nation’s leading djs, accompanied by various chats and forums from artists, galleries, curators, press. For two nights, the bar hosted a debate titled, “Is emerging art emerging?” and a conversation about Warhol, the artist who initiated the relationship between Absolut and art.


Video: Nomeroprimos

Campaign photos: @Pablo Gómex-Ogando

Location photos: @Assiah Alcazar

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